Crossroads at dusk with car, Indiana USA

This photo got me thinking about negatives. I made the shot in Indiana when I was a teenager. We’d moved there from Alaska during my senior year of high school. It was dusk, and the negative is thin. I didn’t even notice the photo at the time. So the negative sat there, and sat there, […]


Leica M6 film camera

See these lessons from the days of film photography that will make you a better digital shooter. I grew up shooting manual cameras. There was no Google back then and it took time and effort to get information about shooting skills. But the information was there. Experienced photographers taught us what they knew through books, […]


Digital scanning of contact sheets from negatives.

Leica M6 film camera[/captioThis isn’t a post about the ongoing battle between film and digital. I shoot both depending on my needs. [Note: This post is updated for 2021.] In my ideal world I shoot film. I love the small, quiet Leica M6 bodies. I love taking a picture, forgetting about it, then rediscovering it […]


Black and white photo printer Stéphane Cormier

I love to photograph, just don’t bother me with the details that follow; like the processing and printing. I’ll get around to it when I have time. I have printed photographs, a lot actually. In my early days, between assignments, I made part of my income printing for magazines and other photographers. I also worked […]