iPhone portrait rua Santa Catering Porto Portugal

The Leica M is my main street shooting camera. I can shoot while staying nearly invisible to my subjects. Nearly invisible, but not quite.  There are times when even the Leica can be too conspicuous, especially when shooting very close, or around overly-sensitive subjects with control issues. When the Leica is too much camera I […]


Leica M10-D vs. Leica M6 compared

The Leica M10-D is essentially an analog camera with a digital sensor. There is no viewing screen and the camera was designed to be the same size as the Leica M6 film camera. There is even a winding lever on the camera. It doesn’t cock the shutter though. Its only function is to act as […]


Leica M6 film camera

See these lessons from the days of film photography that will make you a better digital shooter. I grew up shooting manual cameras. There was no Google back then and it took time and effort to get information about shooting skills. But the information was there. Experienced photographers taught us what they knew through books, […]


I have the perfect Leica camera bag. Because it hasn’t been made for twenty years, out of paranoia the bag will wear out, I keep buying other bags. They always disappoint me and end up hanging empty on hooks on my wall. Years ago, the suitcase and travel bag company, Eagle Creek, made a small […]


I really love being there. I almost always hate getting there. I like air travel because it gets me where I want to go quickly. I don’t like air travel for every other reason I can think of. I won’t bother mentioning them. You know what they are. Well, I will mention one. Baggage and […]