baggage color 800

I really love being there. I almost always hate getting there. I like air travel because it gets me where I want to go quickly. I don’t like air travel for every other reason I can think of. I won’t bother mentioning them. You know what they are. Well, I will mention one. Baggage and […]


Digital scanning of contact sheets from negatives.

Leica M6 film camera[/captioThis isn’t a post about the ongoing battle between film and digital. I shoot both depending on my needs. [Note: This post is updated for 2021.] In my ideal world I shoot film. I love the small, quiet Leica M6 bodies. I love taking a picture, forgetting about it, then rediscovering it […]


Hopi Indian Cowboy, Willie Coin. Hopi /Navajo Joint Use Area, Arizona

In early 1975, a mutual acquaintance sent anthropologist, Harry King, to me for some advice. Harry had a grant to study the Hopi/Navajo Indian joint use land dispute. The Weatherhead Foundation, who had given him the grant, wanted Harry to take pictures. Harry asked me what kind of camera he should get. This was too […]